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The scholarship opens August 1st , 2024

Chukwuma Law Group Annual Adversity Scholarship

Chukwuma Law Group will award a $2,500 scholarship for school supplies to a university/college student who has undergone adversity, and despite all odds overcame, it.

Growing up with a criminal defense attorney for a mother, Jeff Caesar Chukwuma, founder of Chukwuma Law Group, witnessed the importance of advocacy for those who faced adversity in life and often did not have a voice. Disparities in life make it difficult to overcome the hurdles one may face, and persevering with resilience is admired.

Who is eligible for the Chukwuma Law Group Scholarship?

Our $2,500 scholarship is available to students who meet the following criteria:

How do you apply for the Chukwuma Law Group Scholarship?

To apply, collect the following information and fill out and submit your application through the form on this page.

Application instructions and deadline

The scholarship opens on August 1st , 2024.

The deadline to apply for the Chukwuma Law Group Scholarship is

November 1st, 2024.

To apply, fill out the form on this page and upload your essay. Applications submitted through mail or email will not be accepted.

The winner will be contacted by email on December 1st , 2024. Non-winners will not be notified. Because we must process a significant number of applications, we are not able to provide status updates or feedback on any application.


Upload Essay (PDF)
Upload Unofficial Transcripts (PDF)
Upload Proof of Enrollment (PDF)

Thank you for your submission. Winner announced 12/01/2024


*This page contains all available information regarding the Chukwuma Law Group Scholarship, with the exception that the Chukwuma Law Group Scholarship is also subject to the Terms & Conditions.

Please read all instructions and Terms & Conditions completely before submitting your application.

Chukwuma Law Group Terms & Conditions

The winner will be chosen based on their application alone, with special emphasis on their essay and history of community service. Age, race, religion, gender, national origin, familial status, or other protected classes will have no bearing on the scholarship committee’s decision. All decisions are final.

All application materials and information submitted to Chukwuma Law Group become the property of Chukwuma Law Group. We will not sell, transfer, or assign your personal information to anyone. We reserve the right to publish the winner’s name and likeness on our website, social media accounts, marketing materials, and press releases and, by submitting a scholarship application, you agree to this use of your information.

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