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Aric N. Williams, Esq.

Aric Williams manages the Los Angeles branch of Chukwuma Law Group. He is a knowledgeable and skilled business lawyer in Los Angeles, California. Although he is based out of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, he is also licensed in Miami, Florida and Washington, DC. He is passionate about his clients and often travels to and from all three locations to best serve them.

Williams focuses his practice in corporate law, private equity law, healthcare law, m&a law, and technology law. He serves both public and private companies, ranging from  startup companies, to Fortune 100 companies to multinational corporations.

His professional legal history includes work with for companies involved with software, government contracting, medical devices, biotechnology, consumer products and healthcare sectors.


In his career, Aric has advised private technology companies from formation to exit. He has handled critical situations and opportunities for these companies, including founder issuances, equity compensation and stock plans, convertible debt and venture capital financing. 


He has also represented private equity, venture capital and sovereign wealth funds in matters of private financing and capital events. These capital events include mergers, acquisitions, public offerings, securities transactions, and angel financing. 


Aric also provides his clients with general legal counsel in all matters of business. He is passionate about his work and it shows through his many accomplished cases and acknowledgements. He has been named one of the Top 40 Under 40 by The National Black Lawyers. 


In his free time Aric enjoys playing football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and golf. He also regularly hikes and enjoys spending time with his family at the beach.

Aric's Experience

Bachelor Degree

Double Major

Juris Doctorate


Master in Business Administration


  • University of California, Berkeley

  • Political Economics of Industrial Societies & Sociology

  • University of Miami, Florida

  • International and Domestic Corporate Law

  • University of Miami, Florida

  • Real Estate Finance

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