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Why You Should Hire Us

When prosecutors bring criminal charges, they do so with the full force and nearly unlimited resources of the government. With that in mind, it is incredibly important for those facing criminal charges in Miami-Dade County to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help them defend against the charges.

When you choose Chukwuma Law Group, P.A., you choose me, attorney Jeff C. Chukwuma and my years of experience trying nearly 50 cases to verdict. Additionally, I leverage my work as a former prosecutor to inform my criminal defense strategies, providing my clients with practiced advocacy toward a resolution.

We Check All The Boxes

Without relevant experience, an attorney may not know all their options. We understand South Florida courts and will exhaust all defense options before even stepping into a courtroom. During the step-by-step approach to strategic defense of Chukwuma Law Group, P.A., we will:

  • Aggressively work to get you out of jail by immediately contacting a bondsperson

  • File motions to set bond or reduce bond

  • Diligently investigate your claim by interviewing witnesses, visiting the scene and gathering evidence

  • Strategically develop a compelling defense

  • Persuasively request quick court dates to expedite the process

  • Skillfully litigate pretrial motions to suppress evidence or statements

This is all done before your trial even begins. Whether you are facing accusations of assault, petty theft or white collar crimes like a fraud in Broward County, we will fight to end your ordeal quickly and painlessly while advocating for a favorable outcome in your specific situation.

Hire Lawyers Who Care

Above all, we are available when you want to talk and will listen to you. At Chukwuma Law Group, P.A., we recognize how stressful this process is and do what we can to provide you peace of mind.

We believe the strongest defense starts with you.


Call 954-836-6551 now to schedule a free consultation with me today.

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